in memory of my Dad, Arthur Boyd, and helping to fund the fight against brain tumours

On one hand it seems like only yesterday that we said goodbye to Dad and yet on the other it seems like an eternity since I last spoke to him...but after a year of taining, on 12th June I completed 100milesfordad, finishing at Bath Abbey after 107 gruelling miles up and down hills, through beautiful Cotswold countryside. It seems surreal to have completed it and I'm still not sure how I got through it, but I know all your messages, jokes, cheers, hugs and support really, really helped. Thank you for helping making a huge difference...together we have funded a whole week - 7 days!!! - of research into a cure for Brain Tumours...thank you really does not seem enough.

Well this is it for 100milesfordad, an emotional, physical, amazing adventure; thank you so much for being a part of this journey and making a difference for the future together. If you are reading this and would still like to donate, please scroll down, click on the link and we can keep making a difference.

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My story

Just before Christmas 2015, my world was rocked forever... I remember dropping the phone and breaking down after hearing my Dad had just been diagnosed with a brain tumour and being advised to fly home to see him before he underwent surgery in the next few days. By New Year's Eve Dad was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma brain tumour and given maybe six months to live.

Dad was fit and healthy otherwise, but we were told that there was no cure and treatment would just help manage quality of life for as long as possible. So the hard journey started and Dad faced it head on but rooted in his faith, supported tirelessly by Mum.

I can't put into words how much Dad meant and means to my family, but he was a rock, always there. He was a man of faith, a man of integrity, a loving Husband to my Mum, Dad to me and my brothers, Grandpa to his seven grandchildren, brother, uncle, boss and mentor, and through all and to lots of people a true friend.

On 11th June 2016, heartbreakingly Dad lost his battle with cancer and many people paid tribute to him through a service of thanksgiving at his home church later that week. I just wish he had been there as so many people shared how he helped them, I just wish I could have told him how proud I am to be his son. 

In the last weeks of his life, I said to Dad I'd do something BIG to raise money for research into brain tumours. We talked and I shared the Cotswold Way Challenge with him which particularly resonated as it finishes outside Bath Abbey, where my graduation ceremony was. So at that point, I said I'd do it. To those who don't know me well, I used to hate long distance running, I played rugby and then sprinted in the off-season, to me running 800m was long distance! But I said I'd do it for Dad and to help others, so this is what this is all about, running 100 miles (actually ~104!) over four days, finishing a year and a day after Dad died.

The last time I did a sponsored event was probably 25 years ago and I've never run a marathon in my life, let alone four, so this is a major challenge in memory of Dad and to raise funds so that maybe someone, somewhere, one day, will have more time with their loved one than we had with Dad.

"Thank you Dad for the time we had and all you did for our family and others, I am so proud to be your son, these 100 miles are for you."



If you would like to support this epic challenge to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research, either personally or corporately, I would be extremely grateful. If you are a considering supporting as a business, please see the 'Businesses Together' initiative below.

Why an initial target of £2740? - it's a lot, I know, but this is how much one day of research costs in a Brain Tumour Research centre of excellence. The response so far has been overwhelming, we smashed through this target at the start of the year and have now funded SEVEN full days - that is  an amazing acheivement and means each day I run essentially funds a day of research...and an extra three, which is just unthinkable! Please let’s keep going though, as every day, even every hour we can fund, will help pay for research towards a breakthrough that offers a longer or better life, or even a cure for those with brain tumours. Thank you for your support!

Please donate through the JustGiving link below, or visit www.justgiving.com/100milesfordad directly if you prefer. Alternatively, if you would like to write a cheque for the charity please email me using the contact at the bottom of the page and I can give you the details.
You can also donate by texting MALB50 and an amount  of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070  as shown below.
All donations go directly to Brain Tumour Research via JustGiving.
Businesses Together: Little donation – BIG difference!
Through the ‘Businesses Together’ campaign I am seeking businesses to sponsor 1 mile for £28, aiming to engage a business for each mile of the 100mile run and together fund a day of research into a cure for brain tumours. If you work for, know of, or run a business that could consider sponsoring 1 mile for the small sum of £28, it would be so much appreciated, and an amazing achievement to make such a BIG difference together. In return, I will post your logo and a link to your company website below. I will also share your involvement during the build-up to and the event itself, primarily through social media.

If you can, please donate £28 via the links above or visit www.justgiving.com/100milesfordad and include your company name and website address in the comments.  With lots of little donations, together we can make a BIG difference. Thank you so much for considering this and a special thanks to those who have sponsored a mile already! Please check out their links below.
Paul Frame
Consulting Ltd
AIA Electrical Contractors
Summerbud Classic Motorcycles

Brain Tumour Research

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer and 20% of all cancers spread to the brain... yet just 0.7% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease.

Brain Tumour Research has a vision to find a cure for brain tumours and a mission to build a network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research. Please help find the cure.

Charity Registration No. England and Wales 1153487, Scotland SC046840

The Cotswold Way Challenge (9th - 12th June 2017)

The Cotswold Way is a beautiful national trail of between 102 and 107 miles (or even more depending on my navigation skills!) running from the picturesque town of Chipping Campden in the North to the stunning Georgian city of Bath in the south of England.

The run is an organised event called the Cotswold Way Challenge and is split over 4 days, starting Friday 9th June midday in Chipping Campden and finishing on Monday 12th June at Bath Abbey. My graduation ceremony was at Bath Abbey with my Mum and Dad and the city holds fond memories of many great times.

Each night is spent camping in a runner's village where food is thankfully provided. The itinerary is confirmed to be as follows...

Day 1: Chipping Campden – Hailes (~17 miles)
Day 2: Hailes – Cranham (~30 miles)
Day 3: Cranham – Wotten-Under-Edge (~26 miles)
Day 4: Wotten-Under-Edge – Bath (~34 miles)

...essentially an average of a marathon a day for four days, plus a few more miles!
Click on the logos if you would like to know more about the official event.

Training upates

My training began in July 2016 and I've been working with a coach (Ben @ FullPotential) who provides me with plans to build endurance and fitness towards the event. Not unsurprisingly I've also been visiting local Physio (Jon @ Shires Physio) regularly to manage injuries and improve injury prevention too! Training includes strength and conditioning sessions, swimming, biking, and running, all at varying intensities over 4 week cycles.

The logs below update with my latest running sessions and twitter commentary - if you are interested in more training detail, please click on the Strava link. Please feel free to follow me on Strava, Twitter or FaceBook. I've also included some photos taken during my training too! 

In addition to training, I have a few 'warm-up' events confirmed in the diary, including the Shakespeare Spring Half Marathon in March (completed - 1hr 59mins), Brighton Marathon in April (completed - 5hr 6mins and it was hot!) and Milton Keynes Marathon in May (completed in 5hr 13mins). On the half marathon and the Milton Keynes marathon I am very grateful to my good friend Stephen Walker-Williams who was running with me for support and to help raise awareness too - thanks Stephen.

Who would have thought I'd end 2016 having never run a marathon and start 2017 with a half marathon, two marathons and a multi day 100mile ultra in the diary! If you are running or attending any of these events, please drop me a note if you'd like to meet up!
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